Depression & Anxiety. Are you having both ?

Anxiety and Depression.


Depression is characterized by persistently depressed mood or loss of interest in activities. Whereas anxiety is intense, excessive and persistent worry and fear about everyday situations.

Social anxiety and depression are two most commonly diagnosed mental health which is still a taboo in our society, we don’t feel free to even discuss about it or approach for help. When we in depression for a while, we feel irate by everything and every action where other people are also surrounded. We find it difficult to concentrate, neither it’s easy to find confidence in ourselves nor we feel in our comfort zone. Slowly we start living in isolation, it’s all too easy to become isolated. Often people will try to stay in touch with us, but we might push them away and stop going to social events until it reaches the point where we hardly see anyone around us. Eventually, we start feeling a bit ‘out of practice’ and completely outside of our comfort zones to start socializing again.


Returning to normal life is hard. Our comfort zone shrinks down to the walls of our house, or even to just our bedroom. The world outside seems scary, too much crowded and noisy.
Even though if we try to move out of our house after a long time it fill us with anxiety. Actual challenges begin with what to do, how to do and what to say.


For instance, whatever we are listening, watching or thinking, we can resume with the same particular topic. Where we are already aware of what to say and what to respond. Socializing at your own pace and practicing selfcare can help ease social anxiety lot. You can start with breathing practices, talking to friend and family about your feeling are all helps you manage anxiety.

Taking A Walk: Whether it is a nearby park or a tour to your neighborhood. Getting outside to get some fresh air always boost your mood in a great way.

Gardening: Spending with nature always help in changing mood in positive and energetic way. You can start with couple of plants on your terrace or balcony, may be a garden area at your home. It helps you focus and keeps your mind away from unpleasant thought and final product provide a sense of pride and love.

Those who lives with anxiety, Dr. Rakesh K. Biswas says to slowly enter into social life. Start by connecting with those in closest circle. Once  you become comfortable with them, You’ll feel for confident for socializing with others. This will help them to ease into situations those were previously uncomfortable.

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